Intellectual Curiosity Scholarship Competition Application 2022


    The Intellectual Curiosity Scholarship Competition identifies and rewards prospective transfer students with a propensity for intellectual curiosity as an aspect of their college experience and generally, in life.

    All admitted transfer students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or above- who are curious about where their college education will take them and how they will impact the future- are invited to participate in the competition.

    Does this describe you?  Then, let's get started...

    We look forward to reading and considering your application for our scholarship. Good luck! 

    Sincerely, The Transfer Admission Team
    Please confirm the information below:
    Round 1: Essay Submission
    By May 5, 2022- Upload Your Essay

    Please upload a photo of yourself to display at our awards ceremony.

    Terms and Conditions:

    Disclaimer: By submitting a photo within your application to the Elmhurst University Transfer Scholarship Competition, you agree to allow Elmhurst University to use your photo for future marketing purposes including sharing on social media. Determination of a photo's suitability to be featured is up to the discretion of the Elmhurst University Office of Marketing and Communications.
    Round 2
    The second round of the competition will consist of a small group project on the afternoon of June 1st so be sure to save the date! Participants will put on their thinking caps and join us for a fun and friendly academic challenge followed by an awards ceremony announcing the winners!
    One More Question
    As a thank you for participating, we would like to make sure you have an Elmhurst University tshirt from our scholarship competition.  Please select your size.